Beyond food supplies, far ocean also provides value-added services to handle its customers’ various processing needs. Services include portion-controlled cutting, slicing and mincing of frozen meats and seafood. Supported by our wide global network connection and reliable supply chain management, customers including hotels, restaurants, caterers, clubs, bakeries and cafés enjoy the assurance of our commitment to high quality and safe food production.

In food service, we provide end to end processing, sourcing & quality service. We not only cater to your needs but rather we work hand in hand with every individual to find solutions to your business needs. You many reduce your operation processes by outsourcing it to us and then focus on creating the finest masterpieces for your clients.

Our current portfolio, ranges from airlines catering, to hotel solution and cruise ships supplies. Secondary, we also supply directly to restaurants, cafes, clubs and fast food joints. Do feel free to contact us directly at our hotline: +65 6261 3788 | Direct Orders: +65 6555 3343.


A Food Solution Company